Extreme Road Rage And Crazy Laughter (Video)

Extreme Road Rage And Crazy Laughter (Video)


Hey guys, we hope you had a great New Year because we sure did. Here is our first brand new episode of 2017 that features a few funny clips that got our attention. Let us know what you think in the comments and thank you guys for being such great NoWayGirl fans.

We are starting this new weekly series that will feature the funniest clips you guys send to us so please send more videos to nowaygirltv@gmail.com.

  • sleazy.hangover

    What makes the 3rd video funnier is that it was a girl and her father. The person hysterically laughing at her falling was her mother ?

  • 30th Century Girl

    These videos suck. Go back to having pictures. I know you may like doing the videos but at least have a mix.

  • Birdybird

    I hate to have to post something negative for you but it needs to be said. I hope you will take this as constructive feedback.

    The video format is not good.
    Sadly the guy presenting the video is not trained on proper presentation techniques. All of the swaying back and forth, the excessive arm and hand gestures are very off putting. In addition to that the segment is unscripted. The commentor doesnt know what to say so he ends up rambling and due to his speaking pattern it is hard to determine what he is saying. Not to be disrespectful but it is just not good.

    If you think about, if someone has to tell you why something is funny, then it probably isn’t very funny to begin with.

    Please review some of tthe successful video bloggers out there and see how their format and presentation styles differ from yours. Also make note of how many sites out there do the exact same thing NWG is attempting to do and then see if you can do something different. Why try to be like so many others.

    It appears that NWG took the feedback about the site format to heart and changed it back to the way it was originally. I hope that you will take this to heart as well so that I and many others can continue to enjoy your site.


  • Well said!

  • Tony Stark

    Stop making videos and do memes with your ugly a$$

  • Thanks. It was just a test, we will do our best to make them better.

    Yeah that new layout sucked.

  • We are going to do both.

  • 😂

  • 30th Century Girl

    Oh I didn’t mean that the content sucked. I never watch them because I don’t enjoy this type of video, I don’t use this site for that. I use your site strictly for the crazy lists of pictures. I just meant having videos period sucked. It diminishes the original spirit and purpose of this site. But I understand why you guys would like them I guess. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if you posted more often like you used to. I’d just skip the videos and enjoy the rest. But you guys rarely ever update these days. 🍽 I miss the original way things were!