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Taco Bell Dunk Cam

A few Taco Bell employes working the graveyard shift decided to make this awesome Taco Bell Dunk Cam video! We think it’s awesome!

credit: vine / youtube

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Sitting Next To People

The guys at Just Go TV decided to make a film about sitting next to people to see their reactions. It had me laughing in the first few seconds.

source: JustGoTV

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Want A Good Laugh? Watch This NFL Bad Lip Reading Video!

The folks at Bad Lip Reading is back at it again with another NFL version. If you seriously need a good laugh this is the video you should watch.

credit: youtube / bleacherreport

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You Have To Watch The Big Lebowski 8-bit Video

The crew at CineFix made this The Big Lebowski 8-bit Nes video and we think it’s amazing. Well thats if you are a fan of old NES video games.

credit: youtube

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover At Gold’s Gym

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a trainer at Gold’s Gym to raise money for after school programs. This video will have you laughing.

source: youtube / abcnews

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This Michelle Obama Slam Dunk Video Is Awesome

To promote healthy eating the First Lady teamed up with the Miami Heat and did this awesome slam dunk on LeBron James. That slam dunk was awesome!

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video: letsmove

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Dog Teaches Puppy To Go Downstairs

This is so cute! Watch this big dog teaching her puppy to go downstairs

source: youtube

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Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman Interview

Did you guys watch the Seahawks vs 49ers game tonight? Did you see that Richard Sherman interview? This was funniest video I have ever watched today!

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