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Dogs Really Hate Receiving Mail Compilation

Wow! These dogs really hate receiving mail. I need a dog to chew away all the junk mail and bills that I receive.

credit: youtube

Will Sergeant Pugsley The Sniper Pug Save The Day?

This Sniper Pug video had me laughing in tears. I would recommend watching this video If you need a good laugh

credit: TomSka

KFC Chicken Corsage Just For Prom Night

If you want your date smelling like fried chicken on prom night you can now get your KFC chicken corsage.

credit: usatoday / youtube

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Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever?

Watch this College student lose a fully solved Wheel Of Fortune puzzle.

credit: youtube

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Watch These Bull Terriers Sleep On Top Of Each Other

I have never seen bull terriers sleep on each other like this.

credit: youtube

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Drake Disguised Himself And Questions Random People

Drake disguised himself on Jimmy Kimmel and asked random people on the street what they thought about Drake.

credit: youtube / buzzfeed

Getting Robbed While Being Interviewed About Crime

Wow! This woman is being interviewed on the street about crime and gets robbed at the same time.

credit: youtube

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How To Make Your State Farm Agent Angry

Here is a State Farm parody that will make you laugh. I’m sure we have all seen those commercials where the State Farm agent suddenly appears after singing.

credit: Owen Weber

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