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The Jurassic World Trailer Is Awesome!

see this Jurassic World movie. Watch the Jurassic World trailer above if you love awesome movies

credit: youtube

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Is This Why Chris Brown Went In On Adrienne Bailon? (Video)

Chris Brown and Adrienne Bailon are trending on Twitter and Instagram right now because of these comments that Chris Brown made on his Instagram. Could this video above be the reason why Chris brown went in on Adrienne Bailon?

credit: youtube

Corey That Is Now How You Play Price Is Right!

Really Corey? That hammock is $7000? Corey this is not how you play Price is right!

credit: youtube

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She’s So Wrong For Stealing His Leg (Video)

You know she’s savage for stealing his leg, got him hopping around the city. Jerry Springer is too much!

credit: Naturaalbeauty

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