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Videos Of The Massive Fire In Downtown Los Angeles

Don't know what happened last night but downtown LA was on fire. Hope no one is hurt #downtownla

A video posted by This Is Slack (@_princeslack_) on

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Mariah Carey’s Voice Took A Seat During Rockefeller Performance (1 video)

Screen Shot 2014 12 04 at 6.46.57 PM 550x253 Mariah Careys Voice Took A Seat During Rockefeller Performance (1 video)

Mariah Carey’s voice

What happened to Mariah Carey’s voice during Christmas In Rockefeller “All I Want For Christmas” performance?

credit: thewrap

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play With The Electrical Outlet (1 Video)

This is why you shouldn’t play with the electrical outlet people! People will do anything to make a Vine video go viral.

credit: vine

She Literally Drove Until The Wheels Fell Off

I guess she was late for work and she really drove that car until the wheels fell off, literally.

credit: youtube

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