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Harlem Shake At A Wedding Ceremony

Here is a bride and groom that were pronounced husband and wife and decided to do the Harlem shake in celebration. I think it was awesome. What do you think?

source: youtube

Miners Fired For Harlem Shake Video

According to the AP 15 miners in Australia have been fired for making a harlem shake video because of safety gear issues. There are so many Harlem Shake videos out there but I guess this company was not having that. I don’t suggest you guys make Harlem Shake videos at work.

Read more: Associated Press

Video: Youtube

The First Harlem Shake Video

There are so many versions of this video out there but here is the first Harlem Shake video that was made. This video is the Original which sparked all of the other videos. Well that’s it for Gangnam Style, I wonder how this girl feels about getting that Gangnam Style tattoo. I guess she can get a tattoo of harlem shake on the other arm. Let us know what you think in the comments below or send us a tweet at @NWGPhotos

source: youtube

Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video Is Awesome!

Now even the Miami Heat has a Harlem Shake video. I must admit it’s pretty cool and that’s not just because I am a Miami Heat fan! I’m going to be the first to say that This Miami Heat Harlem Shake video is going to go viral.

Source: Youtube

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