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I Got 15 Kids And 3 Baby Daddy’s Someone Got To Pay For This!

Wow, I can’t believe she said “somebody needs to pay”

Remember this video? Well now a Florida judge has ordered the woman to learn fellatio or get her tubes tied!

Judge Tracy Sheehan handed down the sentence after Adams refused to admit she was pregnant again.

“Ms. Adams, as a judge of this court and as a citizen of the state of Florida,” said Judge Sheehan, ”I am obligated to shut down the party in your pants. You apparently have no moral compass to guide your unstoppable urge to share your body with the entire male population of the Florida panhandle, so this court is ordering you to learn how to perform fellatio and how to give hand jobs. If this doesn’t slow your unabashed desire to drive up the minority population of the United States, then I will tie your tubes myself,” said the irritated judge.

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They Got After School Twerk Team Classes Now?

They Got After School Twerk Team Classes Now?

School these days.

The Best Teacher Ever?

The Best Teacher Ever?

Seems Legit

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