Not Fitting In Fail

Not Fitting In Fail

  • lmmfao!!!… she messed up the picture… all was well planned and executed except her part… lol

  • Lite_brite

    Lmao… This is wrong on so many levels. She sticks out like a sore thumb…

  • Story of my life :(

  • Ashley Jones

    a real friend would not do this to her, i opt out of pictures that i know i do not fit in

  • Aqua_Lady85

    ► LOL, sometimes its better to stand out instead of fitting in…. :-)

  • Guest

    They knew she couldnt fit in that locker! LMFAO I would’ve opt out. smh 

  • while this is definitely wrong on so many levels… none of them seem to notice to I’d say whatev! She knew before this photo she’s the “chubby friend”. this photo doesn’t change anything. might as well take a photo… 

  • camv954

    She should have closed the door on all those skinny bitches and locked them in!! LMAO!! WINNING!!!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    woulda been a cute pic, they could’ve given her a prop or something else to do