We’re Back Y’all!!! Lets Get Back To The Ratchetness!!!! (8 Photos)

We’re Back Y’all!!! Lets Get Back To The Ratchetness!!!! (8 Photos)


We are so sorry guys, we have been gone for a while but we are back now. We got caught up in some legal problems with the website and we could not make any new posts until we got it sorted out. We won the case but our Facebook page got taken down because of it. Please subscribe to our new Facebook page to get updates on new posts!

I know many of you have left and we do apologize. I wish we could tell you the legal problems we had but we can’t. Hopefully you guys will forgive us!

Lets get back to the business!

  • TDub

    Wtf y’all been? Jeeze. Jury duty? Jail? Deployed? Dayum!

  • notconvincedgranny

    So much ratchet in the world. And that first one? They don’t know how much money they’ll be missing on the munchies.

  • Bina

    Right! Lmaoo😩

  • StellasFolly

    Glad you’re back! Now…..fewer videos, please!

  • Earlene Sanders

    Well, Welcome back……..now get out of my Caucasian house! just kidding. Missed the Ratchetness.

  • Earlene Sanders

    #1. TGIF’s is going to miss out on a lot of business. You know pot-heads gotta eat.

  • Earlene Sanders

    #4 was sweet until I saw the heat.

  • Cindy Sh

    They were in a lawsuit.

  • Pearl

    “Deployed”……hahaha…..love it.

  • Zion’s Lioness Azubuike

    My thoughts precisely!!! Change that ish around! ” Please have strong marijuana order before seated/served.”
    But y’all still selling “dranks” tho

  • mrs_robot

    lol #4 — all that henny and they couldnt even fill the tub w/ some decent bubbles. breakin out the irish spring, smh. how you gonna act like a g and then not even show up with some lush or sabon at least? or bath and body works at minimum, damn.