All her life though

All her life though

  • no giver of phucks

    who told her those lies??

  • sazemina saitovic

    her momma

  • The FCUK you mean.. Shyt

  • Peter Hopkins

    I can think of lots of things to call her….but Barbie is NOT one of them…

  • Oh jeez…two words for you sweetie.
    Dental. Plan.

  • Klaus Heimlin

    Calling yourself something doesn’t count as “been called”

  • Black Barbie AFTER Her Convertible, Dream House, and Ken Fell On Top Of Her… 

  • Bridget Debine

    Niqqa Please She Is Not No Fuckin Barbie…Who Told Her That?! SMFH!!!


    Shove a barbie doll head in that gap..

  • oh hell no stfu damn crack head think she a freaking doll oh no!!!

  • Guest

    Damn gurl fix yo teeth 

  • This chick looks like a tarantula in the face…

  • cheechee1x1

    Crack will make you see dreams and visions lady. Too late to say nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if they have been calling you the “black barbie” all your life, then they need to send ur behind BACK to the assembly line! gots a few things WRONG in the model. smh