She’s pretty sure

She’s pretty sure

  • Not A Soccer Mom

    ummmm when did drug dealers become only black? Is this new? Some kind of magic spell where all drug dealers turned black? Last I heard drugs didnt chose a race. And really mom….. ur son has this much cash, I think it’s more than drug dealing.

  • Leslie Patrick

    Okay, he’s definitely a drug dealer and since she’s so f-ing dumb to actually say something like this then they’re probably caucasian and the drug he’s selling is probably meth.  It’s the drug of choice for “white trash”, and a fast money-maker.  How do I know this?  I watch a lot of COPS and Breaking Bad, lol.

  • Dear Mom,
    You are just plain dumb!!

  • Jwahir Sundai


  • Dam its like THAT! i say is it like THAT! Blacks are the only ones selling drugs now?? smh your Obviously one of them parents thats afraid of their kids smh


    Well it’s true..

  • chubbz325

    If your so damn sure…. why the hell are you asking us for???? Last I checked, there are white drug dealers in the world!!!

  • Aubrey Jones

    News flash, you will find in most cases, its the lil white boys who sell drugs, because they think it makes them look cool.

  • Aubrey Jones


  • Computer programmer.. explains the 3k+ in computers and the crazy amount of money,

  • If this is indeed true, he is either a drug dealer, pimp, or gambler (or lucky to be all three), or, he’s running good with the mob.

  • Alirio Diaz

    He could be a prostitute, you know. 

  • Paxan8

    Haha…SMH at the stupidity….But seriously, I am in the wrong business. This dude is a Kingpin!!

  • Scott Beale

    To be fair, he could also be a high class prostitute with a sugar daddy.

  • thepriss

    Not sure if troll or stupid.

  • Selig

    way to raise the stereotype! 

  • LMAOO!!!!

  • Shawnylou

    what an idiot!!

  • wow, really he is not a drug dealer because you are white!! LOL it is because of statements like this you are on here asking us for advice… so MOM here is some advice.

    drug dealers come in all colors
    he could have a girlfriend
    or he could be doing the very thing you are pretty sure he isn’t

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I’m voting troll on this mother can be this stupid and naive unless it’s denial.