Can We Please Stop Putting Weave In Our Kid’s Hair?

Can We Please Stop Putting Weave In Our Kid’s Hair?


I know we all want what is best for our children but I don’t see how putting weave in your kid’s hair makes any kind of sense. Why are we doing this?

please stop putting weave

Someone sent us this photo on or Facebook page just a while ago and we had to show you guys. We wrote an article yesterday about how you can get hair bumps from tight braids and lose your edges.

What do you think?

Is it okay to put braids or any other kind of sew in weaves in your kid’s hair? Or do you think parents should stop putting weave in their children’s hair until they are old enough to buy it for themselves? Let us know in the comments down below.

  • Earlene Sanders

    Just NO.

  • Kendra Jennings

    Nope. They could of combed that child’s hair and put a bow around her head. Then they wonder why their hair isn’t growing like other Childrens

  • Perry van Winkler

    i pray us black folk can love our own natural hair enough to let it be…and let our kids love their own natural hair enough to let it be..amen. break the cycle.

  • notconvincedgranny

    Why teach that baby that she’s not enough just being herself? Damn, we place such a premium on hair and its supposed meaning I have to wonder if a bald person supposed to be stupid and silent. For heaven’s sake stop this madness!

  • BeverlyHillbilly

    Child abuse.

  • Yolanda Evette Fields

    Leave the babies hair alone.

  • Legalize3wayMarriageNOW

    Ghetto mentality…pure & simple

  • Montreece Hardy

    This is completely wrong and unacceptable. There is a time and a correct way to use extension hair on little girls. Check your motives. For me, I keep the length short so my preschooler still looks like a child. I keep it fairly loose to not pull on her roots. I use very little so there is no extra weight. I have used yarn and synthetic hair for twists, crochet, and other protective styles for my girl. Guess what? Her hair is actually growing thicker AND longer. I have noticed that for some styles extension hair makes them last longer. It also allows me to keep her hair and scalp moisturized longer. The less I have to brush and comb her hair, the more it grows on it’s own. I do not put heat on it and our family (including my husband, her 4 year old brother, and grandparents) show her we embrace the love of natural hair and natural hair styling. I saw none of this to brag. This is about sharing the fact that one can use whatever tools and techniques are at hand in 2016 to maintain our little girls’ hair but we MUST do it properly. I also have family/friends in their haircare business who help me stay abreast of proper techniques and signs to look for if I am messing up managing my daughter’s hair care on my own for now. We should know our limitations. Seek help when necessary. And check our motivations for every part of taking care of our children…even down to haircare…