13 Natural Afro Hairstyles On Instagram That Are Flawless

13 Natural Afro Hairstyles On Instagram That Are Flawless


Someone asked us why we didn’t post any natural looks on NWG. I couldn’t agree with them, why didn’t we?  So we went and searched for the best flawless natural afro hairstyles on Instagram and this is what we found.


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Bom diaaa!!! ???

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✨A D O R A B L E✨ ??? | @avaranae #UnconditionedRoots #MochaMunchkins

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What do you think?

Did we do a good job? Because if we didn’t, you can let us know and we will update this article with better natural afro hairstyles of your liking. Just let us know in the comments.

We got an email this morning buy a lady asking us why we didn’t post more natural hairstyles because she was tired of seeing the ratchet weaves that we are always posting. She’s right, we have to keep it balanced here, we’re still going to give you lots of ratchet but we are going to inject some positivity with it too.

This lady didn’t want us to call her out by name but we’re still going to say thank you for being a great fan, we take all of your opinions seriously.

  • notconvincedgranny

    I got as far as kinksnfab and forgot all about hair. That complexion. That gorgeous, chocolate complexion.

  • EgyptsFlame

    All of them are beautiful!

  • ann smith

    they are nice, but some are wigs. I don’t see how they (the synthetic ones)are listed under natural hair

  • I thought they were all real when I looked at the tags. We’re going to have to correct them.

  • ann smith

    I know it’s so subtle.

  • luevenia scott

    How do you know they are wigs?????

  • Ashia S

    You have to read the tags. 4 & 6 (I believe) are wigs.