Don’t Use So Much Coconut Oil In Amia’s Hair?

Don’t Use So Much Coconut Oil In Amia’s Hair?


This teacher must be feeling herself, because after a letter like this, I would put my whole child in coconut oil and send her to class.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil doesn’t stink. What do you guys think about this?

  • StellasFolly

    1) Amia’s hair is gorgeous, the teacher must be jealous.
    2) I would send the note back to the teacher with corrections. (No punctuation, and necessary should be “necessity” and kid’s should be “kids”.)

  • NotYourBitchRoRo


  • 30th Century Girl

    The mom probably made that up herself.

  • Torrance MsBoosie Hatch

    really come on

  • 30th Century Girl

    Anyone can just type that up and impose it next to a photo of a kid. The mom, a stranger, a hater – anyone. Look no further than Reddit to see how people make up stories about the dumbest things.

  • Victoria Gipson


  • notconvincedgranny

    Do a little more research. The teacher was reprimanded.

  • StellasFolly

    See the link above to the story. It wasn’t made up.

  • Torrance MsBoosie Hatch


  • NotYourBitchRoRo

    Little brown baby is adorable and her hair is clean, styled and absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps this “teacher” could spend her time actually educating children about different races, including the use of products like coconut oil on ethnic hair, why using a natural product instead of waxy conditioner is better for curls and admiring the pleasant aroma that her (probably white) classmates may not be familiar with. I hope Mama Bear went full boar on the administrators at this “school”.

  • Maddy Parker

    Asia won’t get lice either using coconut oil… Just saying!

  • BeverlyHillbilly

    Hangon isn’t this just the same as victim blaming?

    Don’t put oil in her hair so she won’t get bullied…..

    Don’t wear a mini skirt so you won’t get raped.


    How about teaching your other students (I assume they are white) not to bully other kids?!?!

  • kisstheringfool

    The teacher didnt ask her to stop she just said put less why do people feel the need to be so extra. Plus coconut oil isnt that great for hair.

  • StellasFolly

    They won’t let me post the link to the online story, but if you Google “teacher coconut oil” there are a bunch of news stories about this. Basically, the teacher is Russian, not used to the scent of coconut oil, the little girl had not been teased whatsoever by her classmates and the school apologized to the mom and daughter for the way it was handled.

  • Birdybird

    Yeah I read the story. Seems like the teacher was the only one with a complaint but tried to play like it was the other kids who had problems with it.

  • Since when does coconut oil stink?!?!??

  • Shinyla Kay

    Ppl like to be outraged. I don’t think the teacher had bad intentions.