They Call It Hennessy I Call It Pregnessy (10 Photos)

They Call It Hennessy I Call It Pregnessy (10 Photos)


Here are 10 photos of the thingsĀ people do with a bottle of Hennessy. I guess we can officially call this the number one cognac in the hood, even Kim Jong-il spent millions per year drinking this tasty mixture of goodness. Like the Snapchat caption says down below, “They call it Hennessy I call it Pregnessy”. You’re going to love these!

Hennessy bottle cake

Hennessy cake

You can also put it in your cereal

I don’t know about putting Hennessy in my Frosted Flakes, that’s just going too far for me. You know that’s going to taste like trash, this is just another ghetto way to eat your cereal.

Hennessy corn flakes


This drink can also be used to give your meat some flavor

Hennessy over the fire

Makes a great vase for flowers

Hennessy flower vase

Connect a spray attachment to it and have fun

Henny spray bottle

It makes a great gift for a friend

Henny cake

Every party needs a Hennessy water cooler

Hennessy water cooler

My mom drinks Hinsey

I would probably laugh out loud if my kid did something like this. I would probably stop drinking so much around them also.

My mom drinks hinsey

They call it Hennessy I call it Pregnessy

They call it hennessy I call it pregnessy

Who doesn’t love Henny Ice Cones?

Hennessy ice cone slushie

What are some of the weirdest things you have seen people do with Hennessy? Let us know down in the comments.

  • Grim_reap_her

    I don’t get the big hype about Hennessy and I never have. I drank it one time and never will again.