10 Strange Foods You Won’t Believe With Your Own Eyes

10 Strange Foods You Won’t Believe With Your Own Eyes


Look at these strange foods from Buzzfeed that you totally won’t believe with your own two eyes.

Extra long curly fry

strange foods

Garlic with one giant clove

single mutant garlic clove


Roll of tape inside a bag of McDonalds fries

roll of tape in mcdonalds fries

Crazy long Froot Loop

long froot loop

Facebook Ice Cream

facebook ice cream

Breast Milk Ice Cream

breast milk ice cream

Mutant Lemon

strange foods

Lobster Ice Cream

lobster ice cream

Super long french fry

very long french fry

Peeled watermelon

Peeled watermelon

Lobster ice cream?

Most of these strange foods are weird and creepy but what really grossed me out was the lobster ice cream. Can you imagine eating a nice cold ice cream on a hot summer day with huge chucks of lobster inside of it? Come on seriously, think about it, just try to imagine yourself eating that.

I couldn’t believe this

I went searching online to see if this creepy mess was real and it sure is. Cousins Maine Lobster is a seafood restaurant that serves lobster ice cream and it supposedly tastes like butter. I’m speechless right now and I haven’t even started on what the Facebook ice cream tastes like.

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  • SumthinSweeter

    I would try the lobster ice cream… and definitely wish I could buy a peeled watermelon on demand.

  • Natalie Muma

    #7 Looking like Spongebob’s Every Villian Is Lemons

  • notconvincedgranny

    #9 – proof their fries are extruded potato paste.

  • Jen Lynn

    FB ice cream. Tastes like poor grammar, baseless opinions and half nude selfies. ?