When You Go To A Wedding In New York

When You Go To A Wedding In New York



Is this what goes on when you attend a wedding in New York? I’m totally speechless.

  • Ms. Brown

    I think she looks beautiful and they look hot! I’m sure this was the reception look and not the ceremony look. Love it!

  • Kay

    I’m surprised they don’t have on Timberlands!!

  • notconvincedgranny

    I’m loving her dress and shoes.

  • Tanya Rainey

    A wedding in NY or anywhere else is how ever they dream it to be! No one can decide what’s acceptable. Traditional weddings are long gone! The whole party look absolutely stunning to include the hats and sneakers!!!

  • Birdybird

    I like it!

  • Juana Garcia-Brown

    I happen to know them personally and all I can say is that THEIR wedding was everything THEY wanted and more!! Some people are just afraid to be their natural different self. #daretobedifferent. You too can dab at your wedding ??

  • Kristin Winter

    What’s happened to this website?! It used to be so much better. Now it’s just ads and videos and ads for videos.

  • Savanna Dance

    I was wondering the same thing. The content used to be better, too. Now it’s very similar to a lot of sites out there.

  • Mickey Mao

    Personal taste is personal taste.

  • Kiamolee

    You know them all personally? Any chance you can hook a girl up with the fine brotha on the far right?! ??

  • Ibeme

    Girl my thoughts exactly I’ll take far right or far left, being you know them personally!!!