16 Confessions From Taco Bell Employees That Will Ruin Your Day

16 Confessions From Taco Bell Employees That Will Ruin Your Day

These won't make me stop eating Taco Bell


Here are 16 confessions from Taco Bell employees that will make you feel some type of way. Don’t worry, they won’t make you stop buying your favorite late night go to meal after getting the munchies.

Serve food on the ground

Confessions from Taco Bell Employees

If you’re rude to me

I will give you little sauce


I give it to them for free

Free Taco Bell food

I just kept showing up to work

Confessions from Taco Bell Employees

Quit my job during the dinner rush

Taco Bell quit at dinner rush

Come though drinking beer

Drinking Beer on Taco Bell drive thru

Yell at the customers

Yell at customers taco bell

Breaking the Taco shells on purpose

Confessions from Taco Bell Employees

Do you guys sell french fries?

French fries at taco bell

Biting my tongue

Confessions from Taco Bell Employees

Your order is just too complicated

taco bell complicated order

I never wash my hands

never wash my hands

I love those Cinnabon Delights

Cinnabon Delights Taco Bell

Tacos made by a drunk person

Taco Bell drunk manager

Eat the sauce packets

I have to admit, I also eat those extra sauce packets at the bottom of the bag and I put the ones I don’t eat in the refrigerator so I can eat them later when they are cold. Don’t judge me, I have problems!

Eat sauce packets on the drive thru

Just need something to do

Confessions from Taco Bell Employees

What do you guys think about these confessions from Taco Bell employees?

I’m going to have to say, these confessions don’t bother me at all. I will still probably end up buying tacos tonight at some point. Those Taco Bell $5 boxes come in very handy when you are broke from paying all your bills on pay day.

Let us know what is the weirdest thing you have seen from a Taco Bell employee in the comments below.

  • Birdybird

    I don’t eat at taco hell because I don’t like having diarrhea.

    # 9 They sell everything else, asking if they have french fries seems reasonable to me.

    #11 since taco hell has the most ridiculous made up items on the menu, it seems reasonable that people would mispronounce the names.