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Dormtainment Black People Laughing Nat Geo Parody

I have been watching Dormtainment on YouTube for a while and these guys are hilarious. Watch this National Geographic parody of Black people laughing.

credit: dormtainment

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Finding Nemo Censored Version

Finding Nemo censored is probably the funniest video I have seen this week. It’s from the same guys that made Frozen censored. You have to watch this video!

credit: youtube

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Jim Boeheim Ejected At The End Of Syracuse Vs. Duke Game

Jim Boeheim was ejected toward the end of Syracuse vs. Duke game after controversial charge call. Jim Boeheim went nuts in this video.

credit: espn / nbcsports

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Dad Films Kids Slipping On Ice After School

This Dad films 6 minutes of kids slipping on ice after school while waiting to pick up his kids. The commentary is hilarious.

credit: huffingtonpost

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Hashtag2 With Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill have a Twitter conversation in real life. Hashtag2 is amazing. I was waiting for Questlove at the end.

credit: youtube

The Ragtime Gals Sing R.Kelly’s Ignition Remix

Watch the Ragtime Gals sing R.Kelly’s Ignition Remix on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon

credit: youtube

Biggest Kiss Cam Fail Ever! He Came Prepared

This was probably the biggest kiss cam fail ever but this guy came prepared. They were brother and sister.

credit: youtube

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Hip-Hop Dance History With Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith

Watch the Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith as they take you through the history of hip-hop dancing on the Tonight Show.

credit: youtube / buzzfeed

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