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Shirtless Guy Asks Out Reporter During Wildfire

This guy asks out a reporter during a wildfire in Rancho Cucamonga.

credit: KTLA 5

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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling: Don’t Bring African Americans To My Games

TMZ has exclusive video of Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend that he does not want her to bring African Americans to his games, including Magic Johnson.

credit: TMZ / Youtube

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Think You Are A Great Driver? Try Driving In Ethiopia!

Think you can handle driving in Ethiopia without traffic lights?

credit: youtube

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Brian Williams Raps Gin And Juice

Watch Brian Williams rap Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg.

credit: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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Dogs Really Hate Receiving Mail Compilation

Wow! These dogs really hate receiving mail. I need a dog to chew away all the junk mail and bills that I receive.

credit: youtube

Will Sergeant Pugsley The Sniper Pug Save The Day?

This Sniper Pug video had me laughing in tears. I would recommend watching this video If you need a good laugh

credit: TomSka

KFC Chicken Corsage Just For Prom Night

If you want your date smelling like fried chicken on prom night you can now get your KFC chicken corsage.

credit: usatoday / youtube

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Worst Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever?

Watch this College student lose a fully solved Wheel Of Fortune puzzle.

credit: youtube

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