Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bad Tattoo Designs and tattoo fail photos

Im Never Getting a Chinese Tattoo
Chinese Tattoo

If this photo is true then I’m never getting a Chinese tattoo.

I Think I Might Need A New Tattoo Artist
New tattoo fail

I think you might need a new tattoo artist because that tattoo needs to be fixed right away.

Crazy Michael Jordan Fan Tattoo
Michael Jordan Fan Tattoo

Now he definitely a die hard fan for this Jordan Tattoo. Would you get a tattoo like this? Would you get a Michael Jordan fan tattoo?

Why Did She Tattoo Her Baby Hair?
Tattoo her baby hair

I’m so confused at this! Why did she tattoo her baby hair on? Ladies is this a good idea?

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Super Bowl XLVIII Fan Seahawks Tattoo
Seattle Seahawks Tattoo

This fan got a Super Bowl XLVIII Seattle Seahawks tattoo before the season started knowing his team would win Super Bowl.

credit: espn / twitter