Monday, August 3, 2015


Random funny photos

Someone need to come and explain this foolishness. What's going on here people?

I could be wrong but that doesn't look like someone who's blind.

Here are 11 lies that will get you upset because you hate liars.

Here are 10 photos that will leave you speechless while questioning yourself at the same time.

So y'all didn't see Diddy fell though the floor during his performance during the BET Music Awards?

Here are some of the dumbest criminals ever. You won't believe the things they did.

You are clearly having a bad day if you can relate to any of these photos.

Here are 13 hilarious photos that will give you a good laugh today.

Here are 10 people that fell for an Onion article.

Here are 11 photos that was made to make you laugh after a long day at work.

Which city is responsible for this ratchet activity?

Here are 14 people who are really lazy.

During the divorce this man gave his ex-wife half of everything he owned, literally.

This teen went to prom in an ambulance and woke up when she got kissed from her prince charming.

You have to remember these from back in the day. Let us know your earliest memory in the comments below.