Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Random funny photos
Y'all play too much

Y'all play too much! Here are 10 photos that was sent to us today on on our Facebook page. The ratchetness never stops

Can you name that city? Let us know where each photo was taken in the comments below, if you're up for a challenge.

Here are 10 things you will see only in Dallas. A NWG fan who's a native of Dallas sent us photos of the a few things he see's in his city
Please fix it right now Jesus

Please fix it right now Jesus! Here are 12 photos that will make you scream those words. How can you go out in public with that?

Saturday randomness that will make you confused or laugh. Here are 13 photos to enjoy on your Saturday no matter where you are or what you are doing.
This is why I still have trust issues

Had a feeling that Arby's were giving me the same amount of curly fries no matter what size I got. This is why I still have trust issues.
When you just don't care anymore

Sometimes life can be very stress free when you just don't care anymore. Here are 13 people who could care less about what you think
Random relationship goals

Here are 10 more random relationship goals that will make you jealous if you are not in a relationship already.
Totally random Wednesday awesomeness

Enjoy these random Wednesday photos to get your hump day started. Would you get a please use me again tattoo? I'm so confused right now.
Lets get lit

We went on a little vacation but we are back! It's Tuesday, lets get lit! Here are 10 hilarious photos that gave us a good laugh this morning.
Things You Just Don't See Everyday

Here are 10 things you just don't see everyday and you probably will never see again, take some time and look at these photos closely

Here are 10 examples of using a word that doesn't mean what you think and how you shouldn't use that word in the wrong context ever again.

Cosmo and Wanda ain't fooling anyone, we know it's you! I really miss watching The Fairly OddParents. That was my favorite show.
expectation vs reality photos from pinterest

Here are 16 expectation vs reality photos from Pinterest that will give you a good laugh. Things in life never turn out how you expect or what you see
definitely wouldn't be me

It definitely wouldn't be me, I don't like living that close to the edge and I'm extremely afraid of heights or falling from that height.
currency from around the world

Here are 15 amazing and cool design types of currency from around the world. I think it's amazing that so many colors are added to money.