Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Random funny photos

Here are 12 of your worst fears caught on camera and now you know those fears are real. When I was a kid I have always feared these things.
Only in Chicago

Only in Chicago will you see a guy taking a couch down the street on a bicycle. Chi-Town is a great city with amazing food and culture.
Tuesday mid day roundup

Here is your Tuesday mid day roundup of entertaining and not so entertaining photos. Follow us everyday to see more hilarious roundup photos.
shouldn't laugh but I had to

I shouldn't laugh but I had to, these were too funny to me and I don't care what anyone else think. It's too hot out here to not laugh.
Funniest knock off toys

Here are 15 of the funniest knock off toys that would make you mad if you got them as a kid but they might be better than the real thing.
Laziest people in the world

Here are some of the laziest people in the world. Some people are so lazy it just hurts my eyes sometimes at the things that they do.
funniest wedding photos

Here are 12 of the funniest wedding photos you will ever see so far on the internet this year. Have you ever been to a really ghetto wedding?
Summer is way too hot

You know summer is way too hot when you can bake cookies and make scrambled eggs in the sun. Homemade ghetto A/C can come in handy.
how did you get your license

How did you get your license? Seriously people, here are 10 photos that will make you wonder how did these people get their license.
Celebrity face swaps

Here are 12 of the funniest celebrity face swaps that we found on the internet. Let us know which is your favorite celebrity face swap.
Just don't care anymore

Sometimes you just don't care anymore. Here are 10 people who really don't care about what you think and could care less about your feelings.
Drake charged up shirt

Did y'all see this Drake Charged Up shirt he's wearing at this Lebron vs Drake kickball game in Toronto? He's really sending all kinds of subliminal shots at Meek Mill.
wear anything inside walmart

You can do anything and wear anything inside Walmart which is why I love shopping there so much. Have you ever went to Walmart just to people watch?
ghetto solution

There's always a cheap and effective ghetto solution to fixing any problems you might have in your day to day life. Fix it the ghetto way.

Here are 13 no pool no problem solutions than you can use to make yourself a pool to beat this extreme heat. You don't need anything fancy to make a cool swimming pool for you and your friends to relax to keep cool.