Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Random funny photos

These memes are the truth and you can't deny it. We all can relate to these 12 memes each and every day of our lives and you know it's true.
Butterfly doors

You don't need a fancy car to get those butterfly doors installed on your whip. Think about how awesome your Hyundai Accent or Dodge Neon can look
Lets take a walk down memory lane

Lets take a walk down memory lane and remember the times when we thought all of these things were awesome. How many things do you remember?
Kermit the frog's new girlfriend denise

Meet Kermit The Frog's new girlfriend Denise. Out of all the things Kermit and Miss Piggy went though, I still can't believe that it's over.
Saturday Facebook fails

Here are 11 Saturday Facebook fails to help you get your day started right with fun and laughter. Follow us to see more Facebook fails.
So much ratchet and struggles

I have seen so many hilarious ratchet and struggles from photos and videos to last the entire week but I can never get tired of seeing more.
worse day than you

Here are 10 people who are having a worse day than you are. If you think you had a bad day just remember that someone else has it worse.
things you see on tv

Things you see on TV when you're not looking. It says 'Luck Be In The Air Tonight' guys, If couldn't see that then you have a dirty mind.
Deez Nuts for President

If you are wondering why Deez Nuts is trending on Twitter it's because someone named Deez nuts is running for President in 2016
Netflix and chill application

They made a Netflix and chill application. Who's going to fill out this application before you go over and watch Netflix? I'm so done.
Tuesday morning randomness

It's Tuesday morning randomness. Here are 15 random photos that will make you confused until you laugh or cry while you think about life.
some people have no idea

This doesn't make any sense, some people have no idea what they are doing and it grids my gears sometimes. Here are 11 fails worth seeing.
Petty Wap Monday

Here are 10 hilarious Petty Wap Monday memes from Instagram. Every Monday we are going to post the top 10 pettiest memes from Instagram and Twitter

Here are 16 Facebook cheaters caught and I can't stop laughing at the captions. Do you know someone that has been caught cheating on Facebook?
funniest knock-off products

Here are the funniest knock-off products you can find in China if you can't afford the real thing. Would you wear those iPhone shoes?