Thursday, November 26, 2015


Random funny photos

It's just another random and weird Saturday. Here are 13 photos that will make you wonder about your weekend.

We love spending time in Miami and Dade County is where all the fun is at for us. Here are 10 things you might see in the 305 and especially Dade County.

Here are 16 daily random pictures that's totally worth seeing at least once.

Do you remember the 80's? It's throwback Thursday, let us know if you remember anything from these photos in the comments below.

Here are 12 problems you don't want to have at any point in your life. Follow us on Instagram to see more hilarious memes and videos.
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A restaurant server in Ohio named Jessica waited a table of four people, two of them were newlyweds celebrating their honeymoon.

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Everything is just fake these days, here are 13 knockoffs that will give you a good laugh.

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Life can be hilarious when others can relate to the same problems you are having. This is the story of my life.