Monday, October 12, 2015


Random funny photos
Things You Just Don't See Everyday

Here are 10 things you just don't see everyday and you probably will never see again, take some time and look at these photos closely

Here are 10 examples of using a word that doesn't mean what you think and how you shouldn't use that word in the wrong context ever again.

Cosmo and Wanda ain't fooling anyone, we know it's you! I really miss watching The Fairly OddParents. That was my favorite show.
expectation vs reality photos from pinterest

Here are 16 expectation vs reality photos from Pinterest that will give you a good laugh. Things in life never turn out how you expect or what you see
definitely wouldn't be me

It definitely wouldn't be me, I don't like living that close to the edge and I'm extremely afraid of heights or falling from that height.
currency from around the world

Here are 15 amazing and cool design types of currency from around the world. I think it's amazing that so many colors are added to money.

Here are 10 hilarious Tuesday night laughs worth seeing. What would you do if you saw "I'm Pregnant" written on your car?
That crazy awkward moment when

13 hilarious photos of that crazy awkward moment when you can't explain what's happening but it's happening and everything gets all weird.

It's all ghetto yet innovative! Sometimes you have to make due with what you have even though it might be ratchet. Just make sure it works.
most annoying things ever

Here are 18 of the most annoying things ever that will ruin your mood and sometimes your entire day. Which photo is most annoying to you?
strong independent women

10 Strong independent women who don't need a man? If a dude is not spending $500 a month on you, is it really a problem ladies?

I'm watching Love And Hip Hop Hollywood like what the hell is going on. This show has to be scripted because I can't deal with this tonight.
You know you're from the hood when

You know you're from the hood when you can relate to any of these photos on a personal level. Have you guys ever went to Kennedy Fried Chicken?
Cheaters will always get caught

Cheaters will always get caught and you will only end up looking stupid in the end. So many people have been exposed because they cheat.
Salt art designs

Here are some cool Salt Art designs by Allan Pachino from The Bahamas and Rob The Original from Texas. These guys are master of salt art.