Friday, February 27, 2015


Pet cats and dogs funny fail photos

Cow Photobombing A Horse Stuck In Fence
Horse Stuck In Fence

Dog came though the door
Dog came though the door

Bunny Rabbit Fail
Out for a walk

Funny Cat Memes
Funny Cat Memes

funny dog memes
Funny Memes

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And not a single care was given that day. Look at how Teddy yaws at the end.

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This German Shepherd really wants that stick. Too bad it’s a tree root.

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Funny Dog Fail
Would love to see her reaction afterwards

Cornrow Plaits On The Cat?

iphone 5 delivery dog
Oh you wanted that new iPhone 5 huh?

We Found Kat Stacks!

Please Keep Your Dog Off This Guys Lawn
He’s Serious?

WOW They Finally Caught Him
Dont’t let his cuteness fool you