Sunday, January 25, 2015

Funny Text Messages

Funny Text Messages
Funny Text Message Fails and Wrong Number Text Messages

Texting My Dad Drake Lyrics
Texting Dad Drake Lyrics

Texting my dad Drake lyrics is probably the funniest text message I have seen. What would your dad do if you sent him a text message like this?

credit: twitter

You Gonna Be A Great Mom And Dad
Funny Text Messages

This text message is so wrong but I’m still laughing at this. Dude told her she will make a great mom and dad. Wow!

credit: twitter

Wrong Number Rate My Photo Text Fail
Wrong Number

Ladies before you do this please make sure that you are texting the right number so you don’t end up in a text fail like this.

credit: causewereguys

Babe My Period Didnt Come This Month
My period didn’t come

This is the most funniest “My period didn’t come” text message ever.

Oh You Thought I Couldnt Speak Spanish?
Funny Text Messages

She thought he couldn’t speak spanish when she dropped that line. I salute this dude.

credit: twitter