Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Funny Text Messages

Funny Text Messages
Funny Text Message Fails and Wrong Number Text Messages

9 months ago
He Got Caught! Females Are Smart You Cant Fool Them!
Females are smart don’t lie

These females are smart bro you can’t fool them. Now he’s got to lie again and tell her that he took that photo with his feet.

10 months ago
Shes Been In The Shower For A Whole Year?
She might just be in the shower

Keep sending her text messages even if she does not reply, she might just be in the shower for a whole year or so.

10 months ago
She Gave You The Wrong Number Bro
Wrong number bro

Females are definitely giving more guys the wrong number these days.

10 months ago
After Sending A Risky Text
After sending a risky text

When you send a risky text message and waiting on the reply.

10 months ago
Dude What Is Your Street Name?
Street name

When you ask someone from hood for directions to their house or street name. Maybe he should have said what is the name of your street.